Vinyl Wraps

If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life

With a vinyl wrap, you can create a unique, custom look for your vehicle so that you can stand out from the crowd.  The film is long lasting and removable, yet can be maintained just like paint.

We use the highest quality brands of automotive vinyl such as 3M, Avery Dennison, KPMF, Inozetek and more… which together provide a near endless variety of color and finish type options.  Either way, just know you never have to pull up next to your same exact vehicle again.

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Full Color Change Wraps in Leander and Austin

Full Color Change Vinyl Wraps in Leander and Austin

Color Change Vinyl Wrap Pricing

Prices start at $3500 and range up to $6000+ for exterior paint coverage wraps.  Variable factors include: 

  • Vehicle type/size
  • Current paint color vs. desired color/choice of vinyl
  • Disassembly requirements and complexity
  • Current paint condition


Wraps can also be ceramic coated.  Matte specific coatings available.

Vinyl Wrap Process

Installation times generally fall between 5-7 days

  1. Prep Wash – Extremely thorough wash to remove dirt and oils from paint surface
  2. Clay Bar Treatment – Removes contaminants that are bonded to the pores of the paint, so that the vinyl can properly adhere.
  3. Disassembly – This allows us to wrap all edges and corners, to achieve that “painted look”.  Typically consists of lights, bumpers, mirrors, door handles, or any other relevant components.
  4. Panel Prep – We prep all panels multiple times throughout to make sure the surface is surgically clean.
  5. Install – Piece by piece we install the vinyl to your vehicle’s body panels.
  6. Final Clean/Protect/Inspection

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Most frequent questions and answers

The vinyl manufacturers warranty the film itself, and then we warranty our worksmanship for “life” – which we define as the lesser of the manufacturer’s stated lifetime of the vinyl, or if you were to get rid of the vehicle.  Unfortunately this does not cover things that are typical vulnerabilities of vehicle ownership and driving, such as rock chips, scratches, or anything else that is outside of our control, but does cover anything that would come back on our installation process such as lifting, bubbling, peeling, etc.

The key thing to note here is that proper maintenance is required, and neglect in doing so could facilitate in the failure of the vinyl.

Maintaining your vinyl wrap is pretty simple and straightforward.  After installation, we provide a care guide that includes general maintenance guidelines, good to know info, and recommended products should you choose to maintain it yourself. The key elements to helping your wrap last are frequent washing and protection, which is no different than regular vehicle paint.

Protection is primary – not only does keeping the vinyl protected with a sealant keep contaminants from sticking and bonding to your vinyl finish, but if there is anything that will ruin a wrap faster than others, it’s the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Simply keeping a protectant on the vinyl, such as a simple spray sealant or a ceramic coating will keep the UV rays from harming your finish through fading or “baking” dirt, pollen, and other contaminants into the surface.

Frequent washing keeps the vinyl soft and breathable, removing contaminants that can cause damage to the finish over time.

This is definitely a tough one, because it matters!  We recommend using an image search tool such as Google, to find the general color and “look” that you are going for.  From there, we can take a look at the swatch sample decks that we have on hand to gauge how it will look on your specific vehicle, in person and in natural light.

Absolutely!  And if you find it difficult to wash your vehicle frequently, we recommend it.  A ceramic coating is going to protect the vinyl from the UV rays and other contaminants for years, and will make washing and maintenance much easier in the process.

On top of regular ceramic coatings that we would use on a gloss finish, we have coatings that are specifically formulated for matte and satin finishes.

To some extent, yes.  It is important to know that color change vinyl is designed for restyling, and not paint protection specifically.  That being said, it will serve as a barrier between your paint and the elements, dirt, UV rays, and other harmful contaminants that your vehicle may encounter “out in the wild”.  It will absorb a minor impacts, but will not protect your underlying paint from things such as rock chips to the extent that PPF (paint protection film) would.

That’s the best part!  Instead of a new paint job, you can change the color of your vehicle for a fraction of the cost.

When installed properly, vinyl can be removed cleanly without affecting your factory paint.

There are many factors that go into the pricing, and every vehicle is some what custom.  There are many shops who offer their wraps at a lower price point (in the ~$3K range), but if you want the job done right do yourself a favor and steer clear of these shops and installers.  

A more expensive installer or shop is going to give you the best product possible, because they have plenty of experience and can guarantee that it will last and that the wrap will not fail due to workmanship errors.  You can usually tell by the warranty they offer, which is usually a lifetime warranty and never anything under 2 years.

 While the concept may seem simple, wrapping a vehicle to a high level of quality is extremely hard to do.  By choosing us, you are not just paying for the time it takes to get the job done, but also for the countless hours, long nights, and devotion that creates the experience we apply (and hard lessons that come with the learning curve) to properly lay vinyl that will stand the test of time.  And with that being said, our pricing is as competitive as absolutely possible.

While we are not perfect, through our 5 years of wrapping vehicles we have an understanding of the nuances that go into every aspect of a professional wrap that looks great and lasts.

While there are many factors involved that can influence how long your wrap lasts, proper maintenance and protection is paramount.

Vinyl manufacturers state that their vinyl can last 7-8+ years with proper maintenance.

Partial Wraps

Hoods: Starting at $350

Roofs: Starting at $400


Matte black, carbon fiber, you name it!

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