Ceramic Coating

What is a ceramic coating?

A professional ceramic coating is an ultra-durable protective layer that is applied to your vehicle’s paint, wheels, windows, plastics, and just about any other surface.  It keeps your vehicle shining like its brand new (even when it’s dirty), saves time and effort washing, and maintain the highest value for your vehicle.

We at Signature Auto Detailing are a team of experts who take the utmost pride and care of your vehicle while it is in for ceramic coating installation.  And our comprehensive experience allows us to provide unmatched quality and overall service to you as a valued customer.

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Ceramic Coating Benefits

Why invest in a ceramic coating?

Long-Term Protection:  from UV rays, the elements, overspray, brake dust, and other airborne chemicals and contaminants that damage your vehicle over time.  9H & 10H hardness ratings provide added durability that is 3-4 times as strong as your factory clearcoat

Looks New All The Time:  Unmatched gloss.  Deep clarity and reflective, mirror-like shine (even when dirty).

Ease of Maintenance:  Self cleaning properties.  The coating is extremely slick and hydrophobic so nothing sticks to the paint.  Stays cleaner longer, requiring less washing.  Makes washing a breeze.  Never need to wax again.

Increase/Preserve Vehicle Value:  On top of protecting your vehicle, our coatings can be submitted to CarFax so that it is tied directly to your VIN (We handle this for you).  

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Ceramic Coating Process

  1. Decontamination Wash – Strips any existing wax/sealant.  Removes oils and contaminants from vehicle surface.
  2. Clay Bar Treatment – Removes embedded contaminants from pores in painted surface to prep for coating and any correction.
  3. Polish/Paint Correction – Refine overall look of paint.  Eliminate defects, scratches and other imperfections.  Enhance gloss and clarity prior to applying ceramic.
  4. Solvent Prep – Remove compound/polish residue to provide a surgically clean surface that promotes maximum bonding.
  5. Final Inspection – Extremely thorough assessment of all components.
  6. Apply Coating – To paint, wheels, glass, plastics and other desired coverage areas.
  7. Cure – Initial hardening of freshly applied coating before leaving our shop.  

**Typically can be completed between 2-3 days including cure times.  

ceramic coating


A professional ceramic coating generally ranges from $1200-2300+ depending on the specific type of coating and desired coverage areas, as well as how much paint correction is required before coating.  

Traditional Ceramic Coating

5-year, 9H Rated, Warrantied Coating.  Quartz Based.  Installation registered with CarFax

Starts at $1200

Graphene Coating

7-year, 10H Rated, Warrantied.  Same chemical backbone as traditional ceramic but stronger, and on top of the added durability/longevity is more resistant to water spotting over the long-term.  Installation registered with CarFax.

Starts at $1425

Experienced Ceramic Coating Installers in Leander & Austin, Texas

What our customers are saying:

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Based on 71 reviews
John Wolfe
John Wolfe
They did a great job on the detailing of our vehicle, scheduling was easy and prompt and we were kept updated on the progress of the job. We will definitely use Signature Auto Detailing again!
Dustin Ross
Dustin Ross
Tim and their team are fantastic. I shopped around with several competitors, and Signature offered the best quality at the best price. Their work and customer service are exceptional. Very thorough and will answer any questions you may have. I got their 9-year graphene, and it came out great. I am attaching pictures, two taken after the work was done and the other at a gas station. The gas station picture is immediately after I got the coating, driving over 300 miles through several rainstorms and construction.
Beverly Barry
Beverly Barry
I am so pleased with the work done by the Signature team! The whole process was pleasant from start to finish and the final results of my paint correction and ceramic coating exceeded my expectations.
I had an amazing experience. Signature Auto has such a great staff. Very informative and updated me every step of the way. Having my car detailed was a quick and easy task, would 10/10 recommend!
Sherral Carter
Sherral Carter
The team did an amazing job on the interior and exterior of my car. It looks wonderful! Thank you for your hard work.
Harley Pennington
Harley Pennington
This is my second time using Signature. Both times Kelsey has just been phenomenal in customer service! They are incredibly responsive, fast, and just on their game. I got my car back today and it looks as good as the day I bought it! I was really satisfied and impressed with the job!
Terry Carter
Terry Carter
Love these guys, great work, super professional results! One stop shop, give them a chance, you won't regret it!
Nannette Scott
Nannette Scott
Very thorough, fast and pristine job. Thank you!

Questions About Ceramic Coating?

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Most frequent questions and answers

While a ceramic coating is much harder and stronger than an uncoated factory clearcoat, it is not bulletproof.  The coating itself can still be scratched, and improper maintenance and wash methods can lead to marring/dulling of the finish over time (automatic carwashes).

On top of the added durability, the coating resists picking up scratches by reducing the necessary “touches” on the vehicle, as well as the impact of each “touch”.  This is where the benefit of “less washing and easier washing” comes into play.  No matter how soft the touch or towel, on a microscopic level each one inflicts some sort of “damage”.

Proper maintenance is key for your ceramic coating to perform to its maximum potential.

Even with all the benefits a ceramic coating provides, it still requires maintenance like everything else.  We provide a care guide that outlines all of the specifics but it simply boils down to periodic washing and silica refreshment every 4-6 months, or at a minimum once per year.

The silica strengthens and reinforces the ceramic itself and refreshes the performance of the coating as well as the hydrophobic properties.  This process is super simple to do, takes about 15 minutes, and you are on your way.  (We provide silica spray if you are someone who likes to hand wash your vehicles yourself)

As far as wash intervals, it really depends on your use and storage environment, but generally speaking the necessary intervals will be quite a bit longer than if your vehicle’s paint is not ceramic coated.

Proper maintenance is how your ceramic coating can be performing years down the road just like the day after you got it.

Absolutely.  Frankly (and especially with the availability in today’s car market), you would be doing yourself a major disservice to go without it.

Beyond the protection, ease of maintenance, and obvious perceived value, our ceramic coatings are submitted to CarFax so that it is tied directly to your vehicle’s VIN, which directly impacts its value immediately as well as in the future.  It freezes your paint (and other covered areas) in time, leading to higher resale or trade in values.

You will also spend less of your precious time and/or hard earned dollars on maintenance and detailing throughout your time of ownership.

If anything, the price you pay for a ceramic coating is cheap, considering all factors today and in over the long run.

Dealerships and novice detailers are unfortunately taking advantage of the hype without having the proper knowledge and experience on what they are selling.

Dealerships specifically play the volume game with big claims and make money off of the financing on the backend, so it makes sense for them to play the odds that people won’t care enough and take the time down the road, once the initial excitement wears off.

Preparation is absolutely crucial to your ceramic coating living up to it’s claim and performing to it’s maximum capabilities.  Both dealerships and inexperienced installers also are not taking the time and care in their properly prepare your vehicles surface to apply the ceramic.  This leads to coating over top of contaminants and imperfections that can damage the surface over time, with products that are nowhere near a professional grade coating.

Trust a professional, certified installer to apply your ceramic coating.  Even if it is not us specifically, you will thank yourself later.

Yes, not all coatings are the same.  There are factors within the chemical makeup of the coating that directly affect it’s performance capabilities.

First of all, there is the obvious consumer grade products (that usually last 6 months to a year max) vs. professional grade ceramics.

Even within the professional grade category, there are factors that affect the overall properties, durability, and longevity.  For example, our traditional ceramic is a quartz-based coating that lasts 5 years and provides a hardness rating of 9H.  Whereas when the graphene element is added in, the coating not only last 2 years longer and jumps up to a 10H rating on the hardness scale but is going to have a lower contact angle which affects the friction components.  This naturally makes the graphene slightly more hydrophobic and resistant to water spotting over the long term.

Feel free to reach out to us!  We believe that education solves most problems or concerns, and would love to help you explore the options and possibilities when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

Interested In Paint Correction Before Ceramic Coating?

While paint correction is not always required, we definitely recommend applying ceramic coating over a painted surface that is as pristine as possible.  Since ceramic coatings “lock” the paint in for years, we want to avoid applying the coating over top of defects or a clearcoat that does not reveal its full brilliance.

Paint Correction enhances the overall gloss, depth, and clarity of your vehicle’s paintwork.  Plus we can agree that one of our goals is to make sure we create and keep a protected surface that provides a deep, reflective shine.  

Why Us?

Simply put, we deliver the best product available.  Our team is comprised of experienced and certified installers who have been through many full life cycles of coatings that we have installed, giving us direct experience and feedback.  (Many detailers offering multi-year coatings have not even been in business long enough to truly stand behind the product they are selling..).  On top of that, we can make brand new vehicles look even better than their “new” state.  Education, passion, and practice is why we can confidently guarantee each and every coating we install.

In fact, we are so confident that you will not find a better service from both a quality and overall customer experience standpoint that we offer a 110% money-back guarantee on all of our ceramic coatings.  If for any reason whatsoever you aren’t beyond satisfied with any aspect of your experience with us, we will give you all of your money back (plus some), or work with you until you have a smile on your face from ear to ear.

We definitely are not the cheapest, but we are the best.