Our Approach to Detailing

All vehicles and the way people use them are different.  At Signature Auto Detailing, our goal at the end of the day is to keep your vehicle looking and feeling new (or as close to it as possible) throughout it’s full lifetime or for as long as you own it. We want you to show up to life looking and feeling your best on a daily basis, and also want to preserve the value of your vehicle as much as possible.  In today’s world, all cars, trucks, and SUV’s are being sold for much more than they ever have been, and unfortunately are being produced with comparatively lower quality in terms of the materials used.  We have the formula to properly maintain and maximize a vehicle’s actual and perceived value so that you want to drive it until it stops running, or can get the most for it during sale or trade-in (which can save or gain you thousands, depending on how you look at it).

All of our packages are designed to achieve this type of result and to refresh your vehicle back to its “new” or “better-than-new” state every time we touch it, based on particular time periods between needed details.  And this is probably a lot less than one would think or most detailer’s would recommend.  Of course, a vehicle still needs to be washed periodically between details, but giving your prized ride a “reset” every 6 to 12 months is all you really need – and this is how we designed our pre-built packages that are all very competitively priced.  We also have a “build-your-own” option that starts with an “Express” detail type of base, where you can select particular add-ons based on your specific needs.  This option is perfect for those who want to maintain their vehicle on even more frequent intervals or for those who have certain focal points to be addressed.

When it comes to the appearance and aesthetic health of your vehicle – if you take care of it, it takes care of you.

Where We Specialize

We specialize in full interior/exterior detailing, as well as paint correction and ceramic coatings. All of our packages are designed to address your vehicles needs from top to bottom, and inside to outside in a uniform manner. We take the approach of correct and protect versus masking the issue or compensating. With our all cracks and crevices cleaning approach, it allows you to have more time between details, while still enjoying all the benefits of your vehicle literally looking and feeling as new as possible every day.  At all time, it will either be in showroom condition, or what we call “showroom ready”, at worst.  Either way, the goal is to stay polished.  We are not for everybody, and while we certainly wish we could serve everybody, we are ok with that.

For maximum results and proper long-term care, all of our detail packages include both interior and exterior attention.

We offer Paint Correction as a stand alone service and also have varying stages of paint improvement that can be added on to your detail. We aim to get the true results you desire with your paint versus masking it with waxes.

We utilize inorganic paint sealants versus the traditional wax/carnauba-based products. These bond to and seal the pores in your paint much better than traditional waxes, for better performance and longer lasting results.

We also offer Ceramic Coatings for a semi-permanent form of protection that is ultra durable.

Polishing or Paint correction will maximize your paint before applying any kind of protection.

We utilize non oil-based plastic protections that are dry to the touch, help repel dirt and debris, and give your plastics that new car appearance.

We use both interior and exterior UV protection products to help preserve your vehicle from harmful rays and fading.

While not necessary on every detail, we use steam for a little extra cleaning power when needed in our process.

After cleaning leather, we use a dry-to-the-touch conditioner that
soaks into the pores of your leather to keep it soft and supple, which helps extend the lifetime.

We offer Fabric protection to help repel dirt and liquids after the fabrics are clean. This is not a permanent fix but does help keep your vehicle cleaner for a longer period of time.

Things We Do Not Do

We do not do Extraction detailing and that is essential in full remediation of spills. If you are in need of spill removal, search for a detailer who offers extraction detailing.

During our detailing process, every surface is touched and cleaned. This generally takes care of most odors. However, for tough odors like smoke, carpets may need replaced or ozone treatments may be required and we do not offer those services.

If you left your windows down in a storm and your vehicle interior took on a lot of water, you will need extraction and steam cleaning to prevent mold growth.

With our processes, we have found that interior and exterior detailing must be performed together in order to get the best results.  We are here to keep vehicles looking and feeling new all year round.  Vehicle owners have a responsibility in helping us by allowing us to do what we are good at.  

Interior Only usually suggests and shows that it is more of a neglect scenario than just the interior needing to be refreshed.  This takes away from what we are here to do and what are main goal is when serving our customers.

With our approach of correct and protect vs. masking, we do not apply any artificial scents in your vehicle. We want your interior to look, feel and smell both clean and natural.  Instead of masking with scents, our citrus-based products leave just a trace of pleasant, natural clean air, that quickly dissipates so that the materials in your vehicle can breathe.

Waxes are an old form of protection that are weak and short lived.  Not only do they just last a month, but they are designed to “cover” issues and offer temporary satisfaction but do not fix underlying issues.

Waxes temporarily fill in swirls to make your paint
appear better and offer short term “protection”.  We take the approach of correcting paint (by removing swirls and defects) and then applying an in organic paint sealant or ceramic coating to offer more lasting protection and a much better shine.

Many Detailers use oil-based interior dressings. These types of products cover up improperly cleaned surfaces to give a great presentation upon delivery but results quickly fade. They also attract dirt and debris and leave a greasy and messy overall feel.

What Types of Vehicles We Service

While we service a wide variety of passenger vehicles, our specialty is daily drivers. With our single area of focus, we have been able to design and refine our processes and packages over the years to give you the best value possible. We understand the natural wear a vehicle goes through and serve those who want to maintain their vehicle and its value, both in terms of dollars and smiles.

With the amount of time we spend in our vehicles, it’s important to make sure the best you is always showing up – We can help with that.

We Do Not Service

Our Detailing Packages

We offer 3 main detail packages. Each is fully inclusive to service a vehicle from top to bottom depending on the vehicle’s specific needs (based on its current condition and time since the last detail) and your desired outcome.  

This is a custom package designed to fit your specific needs. It starts with a thorough but standard, Base Detail.  From there, select the add-ons that apply to your vehicle’s condition.

Base Detail =

✓ Hand Wash & Dry

✓ Wheels/ Wheel Wells Cleaned

✓ Door Jambs

✓ Streak Free Glass

✓ Tires Shined

✓ Full Interior Vacuum

✓ Full Interior Wipe Down

View available Add-ons while booking

Starts at:

Car/Crossover – $225

Truck/SUV – $250

Our Flagship detail. Combines all the attention points your vehicle needs for 6-month service intervals. Also great for optimizing trade in / resale value.

Signature Detail = Base Detail +

✓ 6 Month Paint Sealant

✓ Wheel Area Deep Clean

✓ Exterior Cracks & Crevices Detailed

✓ Multi-Cleanse on All Interior Surfaces

✓ Shampoo on all Carpets & Upholstery 

✓ Leather Cleaned

✓ Speck-Free & Directionally Groomed Carpet


Starts at:

Car/Crossover – $330

Truck/SUV – $360

Top of the line detail. Optimal correction and protection. Designed for those who want to maintain their vehicle on an annual basis or are looking to refresh that back-to-new look and feel.

Platinum Detail = Signature Detail +

✓ Engine Bay Cleanse

✓ Clay Bar Decontamination

✓ Single Stage Polish for Gloss

✓ Exhaust Tip Polish

✓ Interior UV Protectant

✓ Leather Conditioned

✓ Carpet or Weather Mat Protectant

Starts at:

Car/Crossover – $480

Truck/SUV – $540

Not sure which one is for you?
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