Chrome Deletes in Leander, TX

Modernize the look of your vehicle with a vinyl chrome delete wrap.  

Achieve full coverage without depreciating its value with a paint job.  This also allows for more options when purchasing a new or used vehicle.  

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Full or Partial Chrome Deletes


All quotes custom, and dependent on amount of chrome components to be covered*

Cars generally fall between $650-1450. Trucks and SUVs can range between $750-2000+.

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Most can be completed in 1-3 days.  Generally custom and vehicle dependent.  Some vehicle require extra time depending on prep and disassembly required.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Chrome on a vehicle is old news!  Not only is it no longer in style, but it makes your vehicle look “cheap” compared to some alternative options and trim levels.

In short, the goal is to black out the chrome trim on your car or truck.  This gives it a cleaner, more stealthy and sporty look overall.

We use high quality, durable and long-lasting automotive vinyl to cover the chrome on your vehicle to match your style and the modern times.  

We do not paint any components.  Paint does not hold up well over time, can crack, and is a pain to remove if you ever need to do it down the road.  Vinyl peels right off – clean up the adhesive residue and your chrome looks just like it did when you got it.

Chrome delete prices can vary quite a bit.  Due to the custom nature of vehicle makes, models, and even trim levels within the different make/model spectrum, each job is unique.

On top of that, we only allow the highest quality results possible leave our shop.  This may require extensive prep and disassembly to achieve full, complete, and even coverage of the chrome components that we are wrapping.

Prices can range anywhere between $550-2000+ for a high quality chrome delete, depending on the size of the vehicle as well as the particular specs and components to be wrapped.

We most frequently use 3M 2080 vinyl – which is rated to last 7-8+ years with proper maintenance.  Use and storage conditions can affect this timeline as well.  Wash your vehicle periodically and keep it protected with some sort of sealant for best result and to maximize the life of the film.

Vinyl maintains very similar to your factory paint and other components.  As long as the vinyl is properly installed, periodic washing and protection is all you need to enjoy the benefits of your chrome delete for a long time.  We provide care instructions with every job.

Most chrome components can be wrapped, but there are a few limitations that can pose challenges.

The primary thing that cannot be wrapped are vehicle badges, nameplates, logos, or any other letters/words.  Due to the small surface area on these components, as well as the multiple, complex corners and edges, these are unsuitable for wrapping (and even if they were, it does not really make economical sense).  The best option to address these are to order OEM replacement badges that are already black.  You would be responsible for providing the badges, but we would be happy to swap them for you and install the new ones.  

Mesh grilles (cough cough, GMC & Cadillacs) – in the same regard as above, we need to be able to set tension according to piece shape and size, and due to the intricacies of these components we may be limited depending on the specific design.  

Exhaust tips – We can cover exhaust tips for aesthetic purposes, but cannot guarantee them the same way as the other components.  Due to the constant heat and location of the vehicle, these areas take on quite the abuse.

Pleaase include all components you want deleted in the quote request, and we will help guide you through the process should any of these particulars apply to your project.

Yes, vinyl manufacturers warranty the film itself, and then we warranty our workmanship for life – which is defined as the lesser of the manufacturer’s stated lifetime of the vinyl, or if you were to get rid of the vehicle.  Proper maintenance is key, and required, to satisfy the warranty*

bumper wrap, grille wrap, bumper chrome delete
chrome delete, model 3 chrome delete

More Transformations

Ford F-250:  Satin black plus body match bumpers and two-tone grill, running boards

bumper wrap, grill wrap
chrome delete

Toyota Tundra:  Matte black grille and bumper caps, rear door handles 

Jeep Grand Cherokee:  Body match door handles and mirror caps, black on window trim, grill, foglight inserts, taillight bezels, trunk step plate

GMC Sierra Denali:  Body match bumpers, custom requested grill spec, fog light inserts

bumper wrap, grille wrap, bumper chrome delete

Tesla Model 3:  Full chrome delete including emblems in Matte Metallic Silver for a clean and unique look

Tesla Model 3:  Gloss black chrome delete along with full wrap.  Window trim, door handles, side cameras, mirror frame

tesla, wrap, vinyl

And more..!  Let us help you create your personalized look!